domingo, 21 de novembro de 2010

Son of Youth

Son of youth
What is there to fear
Sing a song
Make the frightening hear
Make the evil go
Tell him "I am here
And I do not fear you"
Son of youth...

Dream a light
Make your dreams come true
In your eyes
In your soul too
If the nightmare comes
Will it frighten you?
You're not alone in the dark, dear
Son of youth!
(Run not!)
Listen to your own heart, dear
Son of youth...

Stand your ground
Nightmare's just a dream
If you lose this hound
Next time you'll surely win
There is no other way...
Why don't you simply sing?
Sing for there's nobody stronger than
A son of youth...

Son of youth
Is what you fear true?
This's your world
Here you make the rules
Here there're no evil beings
Nobody can fight you
You turn nightmares into dreams, here
Son of youth!
(Run not!)
You make the rules of the ring, here
Son of youth...

Son of youth
You should fright your fears
In the song
They will surely hear
When the evil know


Outro incompleto. Eu escrevi isso essencialmente pra dizer que a pessoa que sonha sempre pode usar seus poderes para transformar pesadelos em sonhos bons.

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