sexta-feira, 16 de dezembro de 2011

Fearing, Doubting

There's only love left,
And some wonder.
There's a dream just beyond the corner
There's a fortress that refuses to be taken
And a princess that refuses to be saved

She's in love with the dragon, or so they say
But shouldn't it be the ther way around?

It's dark in here
Do light a candle
There's a bud in the cradle where the baby wolf should be.

There's a chance of saving the world, but only if we are really lost can we find ourselves.

It's lonely in here.

I had a dream once. It was here, in this very place. It was dark and eerie and your dangerous eyes were glowing. You said,

"Was it hot?"

I was a dream, once.

4 comentários:

Cacau =^.^= disse...

Cade o botão de curtir?

Muito lindo, simplesmente.

Hita disse...

The princess is in another castle.
But still so, you will go after her, again and again. Until she feels safe enough to light your candle.

Rafael F. disse...

isso estava escrito já há algum tempo. Mas foi esse teu poema que me fez querer postar.

Utak disse...

Eu tenho muito a impressao de que ou ja li isso antes, ou escrevi isso antes, ou algo muito parecido com isso...