sábado, 7 de julho de 2012

On Making Friends Who Live In Different Continents

Now you're probably just getting into the cab
Maybe I should have walked you there
Maybe I should have told you that I already love you
Maybe someday we'll meet again

I'm gonna miss you even when I go back home
When I go back to my life, to my fights, to my friends
I don't know how long that feeling lasts
Right now it feels like everything's forever

So let's go for another pichet,
Have another pivo
Let's go for the next bar, for the next club, for the next park
Maybe someday I'll drink with you again

I'm gonna miss the way you can't say my name
The way you sometimes speak our swearwords right
I'm gonna miss your crazy stories and world views
And your crappy english and your crappy french
And all those sounds I can't pronunciate
And how you make czech sound like the Black Tongue
Most of all that crow-qwork city name, Prague

I'm gonna miss all the Yeah, so's and the For sure!'s
Maybe I can start using those at home
I'm gonna miss the way sometimes you said Well, so, so, ok, so, generally...
And then you used that word 'bout every time you spoke

Let's have another pichet
Have another biére
Raise that glass for Math, this year
Um brinde a Été à Montréal,
Let's say santé, na zdraví, skål!

So, maybe one day we'll meet again
I'll go to your land or you to mine
We'll drink and bike-ride and play football
We'll club 'till morning and perhaps hike
We'll go pub-crawling and gastro-touring
We'll exchange stories and learn new words
We'll watch the sun rise and watch it set
If it happens that we meet again

Have a safe trip home and a great end of summer, guys.

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