segunda-feira, 24 de setembro de 2012


Love, lust, friendship, alcohol
I'm not sure of which we have become
Everything is blurry, people in a hurry
To prove that they are young and wild and fun
Pictures of dancing, all is recomencing
Why do I suddenly feel so old?
People getting wasted, but I just wanna taste it
And I'm not sure of what shall now unfold

And I don't feel free
I want you with me
But that doesn't mean I want everybody
I feel so stuck
Everything's so fuckedup
And I start to feel like I don't own my body

Dance, lust, playing, alcohol
I'm not sure I like where this is going
Everything is changing, seems nobody's aging
I can't see how far this thing is growing
Pictures of hot babes, dudes are liking always
How the fuck can this joke never get old?
People getting wasted, but I still wanna taste it
I want to be respectable and bold

And I don't feel fine
I give up this time
But inside I feel like I hate everybody
I feel so used
But I'm still confused
Like I failed to be of anyhelp to anybody

Love, trust, friendship, fun times
But I have no idea of who you all are
Everything is lacking, I see myself respecting
A way of things disturbing and bizarre
Pictures of cool guys, people telling old lies
Say everybody's hot, nobody's cold
People getting wasted, but will they ever taste it?
Feel's like it's all irrelevant and old

And I feel like

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Lori disse...

Bonito, Mali!