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Cansei deste poema

Here have I waited, sweetened and sad
Gone is the poisonous tongue I once had
Gone is the fury and gone is the youth
And now I'm a creature of love, to booth

Oh, here sit I, humming, humbled and shy
I've lost that thunderous voice, my pride
You can't hear the hunger, the shuddering howl
The sound to which everything instantly bowed

Now you see me here, wrinkled and grey
My hide lost it's luster somewhen on the way
You can't hear the hunger, you can't see my claws
My fangs, they're hanging on a devil's walls

You hear me here, off-tune and coarse
I'm old and cursing my final course
You can't hear the hunger, you can't hear the pride
But hear my tale, my one last ride:

I was a wolfness in lives before
I hunted with the wolves of lore
By scent I tracked the stealthful prey
I killed by night; I slept by day

We were the Beasts, the kings of old!
We were in all the tales told
And as we strode on across the night
The men would sing about our might:

"Their claws are keen to cut
Their fangs are keen to kill
And all the creatures, great and small
Are subject to their will"

I was a devil in times long gone
The fiercest preys I would hunt alone
In pitch black nights, I was but a ghost
The Dead Moon's child, stronger than a host

A was a Might, a Queen of old!
A force of nature nothing could hold
And all the creatures, both man and beast
Were doomed to someday become my feast

My claws were made to cut
My fangs were made to kill
And all the creatures great and small
Were fearfull of my will

I was a huntress in those dead days
My thoughts were only for mates and preys
I'd howl and hunt for yet many nights
Before I fought that last fight of fights

I was a goddess, I knew no fear
The woods would freeze when I strolled near

But once, I woke up, sun was high
I heard a singing, it was but a sigh
A quiet whisper meant just for me
From some foul spirit I could not see
The voice was coming from nowhere near
And still I heard it ringing clear:

"I am the prey that you cannot kill
I am a prisioner of your will
I'll be your fangs when you miss the pounce
And when you fall I'll be free to bounce"

For many days after that I'd wake
As if under spells that I could not breake
I should find that devil or else go insane
So I went on seeking it's crazy bane

(Até aqui eu acho este poema pomposo e meio adolescente, mas ainda gostosinho. A partir daqui eu efetivamente desgosto dele)

Through my dreams I sought it, and through the land
I left behind my woods and my band
I had no roots now, as the breeze
But in my freedom, I'd often freeze
I'd stop to listen to the wild's song
And fear that the devil would sing along

Many days came that were silent ones
But all my peace in sleep was gone
Untill I woke up, the day was clear
I heard the voice that had made me know fear:

"I am the prey that you cannot kill
I am a prisioner of your will
In days of old I was kept in deep
But I've found freedom in your sleep"

So on I travelled across the woods
Stopping not even for drinks or food
And terrified of the thought of sleeping
For being awake was all that was keeping
That dreadful devil from getting free
And who could tell what he'd do to me?
He'd be my prey so I could not kill?
He was undermining my will

I was afraid, I, Great among great!
But I should hunt him, I should not wait
For the foul spirit to make me fall
For I was huntress of great and small!

My claws were meant to cut
My teeth were meant to kill
And even that mischievous ghoul
Was a prisioner of my will

I travelled to a house of ore
With golden gorgoiles at it's door
When I was younger, there lived a friend
Whom I had hoped could fight the fiend
I asked of Haali, the One Who Sees
A lucid dream in which I would be
The One of Power, as legends told
The Mother was, when she could all hold.
She said, "Be careful, for you will find
That is no power to hide behind;
The Might of All is trecherous might
It will turn dream into unending night
To avoid this fate, be always aware,
Chase not the songbird, follow no hare
And keep away from the Silent One."
She said no more, as she let me drink
A sip of wine from another dream
And then I was, and I was there
In dream that would become nightmare

And I had power to call her name
That spirit-voice that I had to tame
She came, she did, as a dancing dove,
And singing a song about her love

"His eyes are meant to glance
His hands are meant to touch
And if I gave my life for him
I wouldn't miss it much"

I stared at her, astounded
She stoped — a yard away
The air between us smelled of prey
And all my fears seemed unfounded

So I pounced — with might and grace
My fangs aimed for her blood
But away I landed with a thud
My eyes blinded by his face

His eyes were made of Sky
His mouth was made of Sea
And I wished I were a sailor so
He'd be surrounding me

He was standing by an ancient tree
We were all in some perfect prayrie
Suddenly: the land swirled into blue
And the trees merged into an endless pool

(O objetivo a partir daqui é que houvesse uma batalha de sonhos, a partir da qual a Loba se apaixonaria por esse moço,
e trocaria de lugar com a pombinha do sonho. Very well.)

He glanced at me - he did! - surprised
As all around us great waves rised
I dreamed us creatures of the sea
And he dived into the blue with me

We danced underneath the waves
And around the seimsisk forests
And I forgot all of my glory days
I had love - I forgot the rest!

He never spoke nor made a sound
But there was water all around
And I was blindly trusting him
- this creature from my dream.

But he had power (had I known!)
To call the one I had ran from
She came, she did, as a diving doe
And singing a song about her woe

"I was a wolfness once -- I was!
With might and hide and fangs and claws
But love destroys us -- yes, it does!
And it turned into hooves my paws

Now I can't hunt, and I can't howl
My pack must be long gone
I lived here with my Silent, now
You left me all alone"

At first I laughed at her
But I couldn't help but picture
And when I looked back at her

She rised - a wolf, a Beast!
And she looked at us - a Feast!
But she rised from off the sea
and she sang, just as she left me:

"You are the prey that I cannot kill
I am a prisioner of your will
You are my fang every time I pounce
And when I fall you can make me bounce"

I tried to feel horrified
As I slowly realized
That I had been left behind
And was trapped inside my mind

But I saw the Silent One
And I still longed for his touch
And if all my tale came undone
Well, I wouldn't miss it much

(bla bla blá)

"I am the prey you cannot kill
I am a prisioner of your will
I am your fang, though I cannot prey
I am a visitor here, today"

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