segunda-feira, 13 de novembro de 2006


I'm afraid that you are gonna disappear.
One day I'm gonna look around and you won't be anywhere near.
I'm afraid that when you go, I'm not even gonna miss you
'cause that's when I won't know you anymore
So tell me what is it about you that's the same you were before...

I look around and something's out of place
These are lost memories escaping time's letal embrace
I know once we were togheter and we both laughed and cried
'cause I think we thought "this's forever" and it wasn't long at all
Though life is unpredictable and rising stars often fall...

But then one day I was walking down the street and my way crossed your way
(though you didn't see me)
And the other day I met you and we talked but you looked sad and I meant to cheer you
but you turned your face

I whispered that that was madness
you always look away
I'm dancing like a maniac
and if you give the crowd a hopeless gaze
I wanna unmake your sadness

I remember once you took me to my room and we tried to exchange some news
but we never really talked
And the other day we took a walk and I held your arm and for once I couldn't help it asking what
(I think you know how it feels)

I whispered that that was madness
once again you looked away
I'm dancing like a maniac with my boy
and if you give the crowd a hopefull gaze
I envy that kind of sadness
(do you envy my kind of joy?)

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