segunda-feira, 11 de agosto de 2014

Unsent text

Do you think I'm pretty?

I mean
I know you're not a dyke and all
I swear I'm not still hitting on you
I think I'm over you

But are you at least a little bit attracted to me?
I mean I fet it if you don't like cunts
I think the thing is
I could ask boys but, I've met so many men in my life that I can't tale them seriously at all
Like all they care about me is tits and cunt and looking cute and I know how to laugh at their jokes like an instinct
They think it's cute that I can think and have opinions
Yeah I know I shouldn't talk about them like that
i think I've met so pany straight men in my life that I can hardly think of them as human anymore
How fuckep up is that
And I mean I was one of those people that defended with all my heart that yes boys and gurls can be friends
But now
I don't even know what that means anymore
Can anyone be friends?
What do you think?

Oh that's my station.

What I am saying, I have a lot of boy-friends still
Haven't I ?
I guess I would have to ask them
I dunno
It's so confusing how political having friends is
How our relationship changes so much according to relationship statuses
And how they fight and fuck amongst themselves
I can't keep up
No, really.

The thing is, when I find someone attractive, it's either they are hot as hell or they are so amazing that I can see through the veil of silly preconceived expectations and actually just look at tem, waiting to see what they will do next

That's how it was with you
You were so amazing
That's probably why I got over you, too
It's too hard to be platonically in love with someone who just gets more and more awesome while I... don't.
You were still too far above me
That's the hard thing about you girls.
I could try to imagine that it was just that I found other people who were equally amazing and who liked me back
I think I could have been in love with all of you for a long time
My heart is a pretty good juggler
It's a good thing I dropped that one, though
I can probably be a much better friend now
Not that you need me

Do you think I'm pretty?
And I don't want a motherly/sisterly answer
Just tell me if... No, wait
Don't tell me
Don't answer that question.

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Cacau =^.^= disse...

Beautiful. Completely.