quarta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2013

"I learned to pick locks from the MIT guide to picking locks. I found it on the internet, and you can tell it was written by the sort of queer that doesn't like the word queer. The whole thing is prefaced by an ethics statement, again and again apologizing for being a guide to picking locks. Explaining and apologizing, like those fuckers I'm always seeing on TV talking about gay marriage, about being in love and being just like straight people, just as monogamous and sexually repressed." (Lockpick Pornography)

being just like straight people. being just like. loving true love, marrying true marriage. living true lifes. so we have not come from hell. having true families. just like straight people. just like the rest of them who were never cast aside for their sexualities. just like them who fit the form of marriage, or who didn't fit but conformed anyway. just like fucking straight cis people, who managed to conform to all sorts of sexual repression, emotional repression, gender-based repression, who managed to conform to fucking cisheteronormative patriarchy and form fucking happy families, or unhappy ones for that matter. those who conformed. those who fit the form. straight fucking cis people. being just like them. explaining and apologizing for our misbehaviour, explaining and dreaming the straight dream and apologizing for all we did while we couldn't fit, who could never fit gracefully and peacefully as they did, whose repression didn't burst the bubble, who chased the dream from the start when we were still trying to stand on our fucking feet. and then trying to fit the fucking form so that we can live the fucking fairy-tale straight dream. so we can feel like in a fucking movie. and stop showing me those happy couples 'cause I know you just don't wanna show me the fucked up ones.

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