terça-feira, 31 de janeiro de 2012


Take me with you when you face the world
When the world begin to fall apart
Take me with you to the darkness's heart
Take me to the end of all I know

When the voice of hope become a whisper
When the horror overtake the land
Take me with you, guide me by the hand
Through the path of firestorm and blister

Take me through the tempest and the cold
Take me with you when you leave your shelter
When the wings of dream lose all their feathers
Lead me through the nightmares that unfold

Take me with when you face our doom
Through the thunders of the unforeseen
Leave me there, where all the fears begin
Make me watch the reckless future bloom

Um comentário:

Lobz Wolblood disse...

é um pouco impressionante como escrever realmente me faz me sentir um pouco melhor...